I’m getting over excited…I love gadgets and technology and bikes more and more use an abundance of the stuff. We’ve gone way beyond simple clip on sat-nav units in recent years and everything from brakes to adjustable suspension, switchable fuel maps, are becoming common features of bikes. Race tech has made a big crossover and a lot these advancesments make for some awesome jaw dropping motorcycles.  Honda have upped the game again with the announcement of its V4 based bikes designed to replace the current VFR, Blackbird, and Pan-European next year. Honda seems to be going for a common engine wildly adjustable to suit several platforms which economically, for the company at least, makes good sense.


But it’s the gadgetry that makes these bike so exciting for me. Shaft driven, clean lined lovelyness with an auto clutch giving Drive/Eco, Manual and Sport options, and the engine switching from V4 to V-twin to boost economy depending on conditions, fantastic. I think we’re definately entering a new era of two wheeled vehicle that may be its most exciting yet, especially with Olins ‘active suspension’ and two-wheel drive on the horizon as well. Stare at the renders of the 2010 Honda VFR1200T (as featured in MCN) and V4 VFR 1200-V4 and try not to drool on your keyboard…